During walks, is it possible that bending down to examine fecal matter from your pet, on a daily basis, is strange?

Instead of trying to fall asleep, do you lie awake watching and listening to your sleeping dog, to learn whether he or she is coming down with a bronchial infection?

When your dog hesitates to eat, do you wonder whether you’re offering enough variety? Could the problem be texture? Aroma? Could there be something off-putting about the presentation?

Hello! This is an invitation to join a new online support group for those suffering from Dog Dependency.

Problems stemming from DD are similar to those related to OCD. People afflicted with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder are not able to leave the object of their obsession alone. With DD, the object—the dog—is in charge, not the person.

Does this idea speak to you?  You are not alone. You might also think of DD in terms of people who catch themselves organizing their afternoons around thoughts of Happy Hour. Is it a problem, they wonder, to be calling clients or tweaking the corporate website, and all the while hearing ice tinkling into a lowball glass?

Similarly, someone with DD sits working at her desk, hearing her dog starting to bark as she turns up the driveway, this followed by the dog going berserk on the other side of the door as she readies her key. 

When you see your dog staring at nothing, do you assume he or she is just experiencing a blank patch in the day? Or: could the vacant expression signal the onset of clinical depression? God forbid, could it be an early symptom of dementia?

Relax. The approach at DOGSANON is strictly supportive: You’re not wrong! Anyone who thinks you’re over the top about your dog is wrong! Anyone who questions your passion for your dog is wrong!

Come back, and bring your DD with you. We’ll tackle this thing together!

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